William R. Lynch, MD, SC

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William R. Lynch MD, SC

CLPC Origin

Clear Life Path Consulting is a direct outgrowth of both my love of clinical practice and my love of teaching psychiatric residents. My patients serve as a constant spur to learning. The residents I have taught both in Dallas and Chicago have challenged and inspired me to share my experience. It is the pairing of these two interests that propelled me create this innovative consulting practice.


After graduating from Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas, I obtained psychiatric training at Timberlawn Psychiatric Hospital in Dallas then psychoanalytic training at the Dallas Psychoanalytic Institute. I have practiced outpatient psychiatry for 30 years. Other aspects of my professional experience include teaching / supervising psychiatric residents as clinical professor of psychiatry at Southwestern Medical School and active involvement in local / national psychiatric and psychoanalytic organizations. I am currently affiliated with the Department of Psychiatry at Rush Medical School.

Theoretical Foundation

My psychoanalytic training and experience provides a broad perspective on human development and the problems that can emerge from that process. I have studied and practiced psychoanalytic psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, couples and family therapies, psychopharmacology, and psychotherapy supervision. Even though my consulting services will not be direct treatment or clinical supervision, this work is informed by my clinical experience as well as my experience gained operating my two businesses.