Transform your practice into an effective cash-based business. Dr. William R. Lynch guides readers through his innovative approach with his powerful new eBook, Starting & Growing Concierge Psychotherapy & Psychiatry Practices–All You Need to Know.

Build a thriving cash-based practice

Combining cutting-edge insights and practical solutions, Psychiatrist, Author, and Speaker Dr. William R. Lynch lays the foundation for a thriving and profitable business. His modern approach empowers readers to re-envision, and rekindle the passion that drives a successful practice.

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A variety of resources to help you succeed

Dr. Lynch offers concise solutions and free resources aimed at helping you manage your practice. Learn to evaluate your practice and define a strategic approach to serving your clients. To aid you in this process, CLPC launched FeeFinder–a simple budgeting tool for your complex practice. Remember, you are selling a service, and that service is priceless.

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Continue your journey after the book

CLPC has developed a team of professionals to aid you in transforming your current insurance-burdened practice into a profitable cash-based model. One-on-one development coaching combined with a robust online-to-offline networking strategy will allow you to realize the full potential of your practice.

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